22nd January 2020

Leeds Digital Festival 2020 guide for event organisers

Changes to the Festival

In previous years, event organisers have been able to submit events right up until the start of the Festival; in 2019, some of the events that took place in the second week were submitted during the first week of the Festival. This was in keeping with the open nature of the Festival which has contributed to its growth year on year. 

However, this has also led to a number of issues. Some late events have not been promoted effectively due to time constraints and the Festival has not been able to promote a definitive programme of events or launch with a promotional event. 

This year, we’re having a cut-off point for submitting events which will be 5 weeks before the Festival start date, on Friday 13th March. All events that are submitted before this date will be included on the Festival website and in promotional material, which will enable the Festival to host an event on Tuesday 24th March, where the full programme will be announced

Key dates:

Cut-off date (5 weeks before the start date of the Festival): Friday 13th of March 2020 

Launch event / Programme release (4 weeks before the Festival): Tuesday 24th of March 2020 


Need help with planning your event?

Contact us at admin@leedsdigitalfestival.org if you need help with:

    • Finding a venue
    • Finding additional speakers
    • Finding a caterer
    • Or if you have any other queries!

Popular venues in 2019

There are a number of venues in Leeds that regularly host events during the Festival. We’ll be adding more to this list over the next few weeks. If you have a venue (or we’ve missed you – sorry!), please let us know.

If you also need help with finding additional speakers or want to collaborate with other organisations that might be hosting similar events, let us know and we can help you with this.

Catering for your event

  • Shine delivers to you in 100% electric vans while using sustainable materials to package and present your food, catering to good taste and a range of allergens. Shine is a social purpose business, your custom helps raise aspirations and create opportunities for women ex-offenders, local artists, entrepreneurs, and young people in Harehills. So, by enjoying their delicious food you will be directly helping those who need it most, helping Shine raise aspirations and create real opportunities. 
  • Lean Lunch are offering a 15% discount for all events part of the Leeds Digital Festival this year (minimum spend of £35). They aim is to deliver wellbeing for people and the planet, so as well as the best, most nutritious and delicious food, they deliver by cargo cycle, use 100% recyclable and compostable packaging and keep food waste to almost zero.

Sustainability: Easy wins to make your event more sustainable

With 240 events and 25,000 attendees in 2019, Leeds Digital Festival has a significant impact on the city for 2 weeks a year and it’s important that this impact continues to be beneficial for the city. As event hosts, one way to ensure this is to consider the environmental impact of your event. We have compiled a list of easy wins which can help make your event more sustainable. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. 

  • Can you make your event plastic-free?
    • Can you avoid using plastic cups, plastic straws, plastic cutlery etc.
    • Can you use recyclable alternatives?
    • If you use name badges, can these be paper-based, rather than plastic?
  • Can you consider whether you need to use printed materials?
    • Can you send out any info/slides to attendees before or after the event?
  • Can you choose locally produced food and drink items for your event?
    • Is there a sustainable and local service you can use?
    • Can you offer fewer meat and more vegetarian choices?
    • Try to cater to the number of expected attendees and try to prevent having excess food left over.
  • Can you choose a responsible venue?
    • Is it possible to choose a venue that has an environmental management system?
    • Or a Green Tourism certification?
  • Can you ensure that there is sustainable waste management in place?
    • Does the venue have recycling bins, food waste and compostable collection?
  • Can you encourage your attendees to travel to your event sustainably?
    • Is the venue near a train station?

We’re looking forward to helping you build another great Festival.


Avenue HQ rooftop bar
Avenue HQ rooftop bar