Under the Influence: How the C-Suite Impacts Analytical Maturity

Hosted by The Data Shed

Get the insider track on what makes The Board tick when it comes to Data and its impact on an organisation’s Analytical Maturity.


How does the C-suite influence an organisations analytical capability and how do you influence them? 

The Data Shed and Leeds University Business School are at the mid-point of a three-year research piece into the impact of the views of the C-suite on how an organisation embraces data. 


  • Is it an asset or a liability?
  • Why is it seen this way? 
  • Find out the difference between Boards at different stages of Analytical Maturity and what you can learn from those who are genuinely knocking it out of the park.


Come along to get a sneak preview of the themes that are emerging from our research.




Anna Sutton, CEO and Co-Founder at The Data Shed

“My career started with 15 years’ Marketing experience in agencies and businesses across a variety of sectors where I came up against a variety of data and insight challenges. For me, data & analysis is the beginning and end of every business decision. “Gut feel” has no real place in organisations, but getting the information you need to get by without it is often difficult. I set up The Data Shed with my business partner to help other organisations optimise the data they hold. Integrating, cleaning and enhancing for trust and insight and then pushing out to appropriate analysis tools and supporting business change programs to give the decision makers access to data in a meaningful way. Over the last 8 years we’ve worked with clients of all sizes and shapes tackle all sorts of data problems and in the last 12 months we’ve pushed our own SaaS data product live and onboarded our first customers. Data Democratisation is at the heart of everything we do!”

AI & Machine Learning, Business Support Services & E-Commerce, Data
Under the Influence: How the C-Suite Impacts Analytical Maturity
20th Sep 2021 12:30pm - 1:15pm
Hosted by The Data Shed

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