The Road to Net Zero: The National, Regional & Sector Impacts of Net Zero

Hosted by The Data City & CBI Economics

The transition to Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions will be the growth story of the decade, with structural shifts both in the economy and society. But just what will it take for the UK to reach this target and how will it impact businesses, local authorities and you?

Using real-time industry data that goes above and beyond the outdated and rigid Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code system currently used by many governing bodies, The Data City and CBI Economics have partnered to map the emergent Net Zero ecosystem within the UK.

This free virtual event, which runs as part of Leeds Digital Festival, will allow attendees to:

– View the current Net Zero ecosystem in the UK
– Understand the national, regional and sector impacts of Net Zero
– Go behind-the-scenes with The Data City and CBI Economics and find out how this innovative analysis was conducted
– Discover the local impact and current performance through Net Zero scorecards
– Ask questions and find out more about the transition to Net Zero in a Q&A session

Sign up for free now and join Alex Craven (CEO, The Data City) and Mohammad Jamei (Head of Economic Projects, CBI Economics) for the full virtual webinar on Thursday 29th September.

Attendees of the event will also gain access to exclusive extracts from The Data City and CBI Economics’ research report ‘Analysis of the UK Net Zero Ecosystem’. There will also be opportunities after the event for individual follow-up sessions to discuss your own business needs.


Find out more about the speakers:

Alex Craven – CEO, The Data City

Alex has been running digital and tech businesses since 1999 – including award-winning digital agency, Bloom – and thrives on turning technology innovation into businesses that transform industries.

Within The Data City, Alex is the CEO, responsible for the company and product vision. The Data City was formed to solve the market need created by the fact that the current Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system was last updated in 2007, and the massive changes that have taken place since then mean that it doesn’t recognise the complexity of the modern economy. Such restrictive classification undermines economic policy development and decision-making at every level of government, by missing out large parts of the economy.

Along with The Data City team, Alex’s vision was to build a new way of understanding the world’s industries using machine learning and website text. With this new technology, The Data City has launched over 300 new industrial classifications for the emerging economy enabling new sectors such as FinTech, the NetZero supply chain and others to be analysed for the first time. As the UK transitions from traditional industries classified by the outdated SIC system, The Data City RTICs are a crucial data source for government policy makers to ensure the protection of our future jobs market and the growth of UK Plc.


Mohammad Jamei – Head of Economic Projects, CBI Economics

Mohammad is the Head of Economic Projects at the CBI with over 11 years of experience working as an economist. He has worked across the private and public sector, including in PwC, UK Finance and HM Treasury. Mohammad is the co-lead for CBI Economics, the CBI’s economic consulting division, and helps clients to understand the economic and political landscape, using economics to support their business needs, including in the environment sector. Previous projects have included the localisation of national decarbonisation pathways, mapping the net zero ecosystem, and analysing the impact of electrification of vehicle fleets on air quality.

AI & Machine Learning, Community & Society, Data
The Road to Net Zero: The National, Regional & Sector Impacts of Net Zero
29th Sep 2022 11:00am - 12:30pm
Hosted by The Data City & CBI Economics

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