The HardTech Revolution: Let Them Eat Apps

Hosted by Tribosonics

What even is HardTech? Why is it about to change the way we view any and all industrial processes, machines and components?

In today’s software-saturated market, truly transformative innovation is hard to find. The problem with software and apps is that they bring nothing new to the table when new physical, real-world solutions are required.

Across the globe, industries from automotive to space, from nuclear to agriculture, HardTech is paving the way to accelerating the achievement of sustainability goals. However, we mustn’t jettison software: we need to build a better bridge between the physical and digital worlds.

By creating data-centric hardware, not only can we improve the effectiveness of software and hardware combinations, but we can create true end-to-end solutions that produce meaningful data to drive component, system and asset efficiency, value and sustainability.


Embedded and IIOT enabled sensing technologies.

AI & Machine Learning, Community & Society, Data
The HardTech Revolution: Let Them Eat Apps
24th Sep 2021 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Hosted by Tribosonics

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