The Content Batch Brunch

Hosted by Buttercrumble

Get ready to boost your marketing in just two hours! We’ve designed this workshop, especially for the go-getting entrepreneurs who want to carve out time for content creation and make an impact on social media.

What you’ll receive from the event:

Content creation time: Unleash your creative genius during our dedicated creative session! We’ll provide a vibrant, inspiring atmosphere where you can brainstorm, design, and craft engaging reels and posts for your social media.

1-hour workshop: We’ve got you covered with an engaging and informative workshop led by industry experts. Learn the latest trends, strategies, and hacks to make your posts stand out in the crowded social sphere!

Prompts for 12 pieces of content: Stuck in a content rut? Say no more! We’ll arm you with exciting prompts to fuel your creativity and spark those brilliant ideas.

An opportunity for behind-the-scenes video content: Ever wondered how behind-the-scenes content can work wonders for your brand? We’ll reveal the secrets and help you create captivating behind-the-scenes videos that will make your audience feel like they’re part of your journey.

B-roll content: Create additional supporting content that’ll add an extra touch of magic to your posts. Elevate your brand storytelling and mesmerise your followers with visuals that speak volumes!

It’s a great opportunity to level up your marketing game and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Network, collaborate, and leave with a treasure trove of content ready to dazzle your audience!

Event speakers


The team at Audience are on hand to equip you with all of the essential skills and knowledge needed to master the basics of social media marketing. Audience is a commercially focused, results-driven agency. They work with clients to understand both their marketing and digital goals, creating strategies to hit both.


Buttercrumble is a creative studio employing expertise in human-centric design and co-creation. It drives the adoption of design thinking in clients’ campaigns. Buttercrumble shows how beauty, play, and functionality can exist in harmony. The studio has loved achieving this for clients such as John Lewis, Chester Zoo and Mamas & Papas.

Insta-worthy venue

“Its manicured grounds create a sense of tranquillity and lend themselves to corporate entertainment, celebrations and team building activities. For business or pleasure Bowcliffe is one of the most outstanding locations in Yorkshire”.

Marketing & PR, Social & Networking, Startups
The Content Batch Brunch
19th Sep 2023 10:30am - 12:30pm
Hosted by Buttercrumble
Bowcliffe Hall, Bramham, Leeds, LS23 6LP

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