Tackling Data Poverty in Leeds: A Community-Based Approach to Gifting SIMs

Hosted by 100% Digital Leeds

Tackling data poverty is a key element of Leeds’ community-based approach to supporting digital inclusion and inclusive digital transformation. A recent report from the House of Lords revealed that over 1 million household nationally have had to give up their wifi in the last 12 months due to financial pressures.

The National Databank supports many partners across the city to provide those in need with free 4G data, calls, and texts via the gifting of SIM cards. Those partners already work with the people and communities most likely digitally excluded and have embedded digital inclusion into their day-to-day practice.

This event will highlight how this cross-sector strategic approach to data-gifting enables people struggling to afford connectivity to access the digital tools and services they need to support their health, employability, and social inclusion. We will share how the use of the National Databank is supports the implementation of the city’s Digital Strategy.



Liam Garnett: Senior Librarian for Digital will share their experience of implementing SIM gifting as part of the libraries’ digital inclusion offer and the positive outcomes that have come about as a result.

Karen Pearse: PAFRAS’ Director, Karen Pearse, will talk about their experience with data-gifting and the impact this has on the people that access their services.

Amy Hearn: Digital Inclusion Manager, Amy Hearn, will outline Leeds’s pioneering community-based approach to data-gifting and the work 100% Digital Leeds are doing to combat digital exclusion and data poverty.

Jason Tutin: Jason Tutin, Head of 100% Digital Leeds, will set the context for the event and discuss the importance of connectivity as a foundation of Leeds Digital Strategy.

Amanda Jackson: Amanda Jackson, 0-19 Clinical Team Manager, will discuss how sim gifting via the National Databank has enabled the 0-19 Public Health Integrated Nursing Service to support parents experiencing data poverty to engage with Baby Bubble Leeds, an initiative allowing hard to reach parents to access support and information from health professionals using closed, moderated, Facebook groups.

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Diversity and Inclusion, Innovation, Sustainability & Net Zero
Tackling Data Poverty in Leeds: A Community-Based Approach to Gifting SIMs
18th Sep 2023 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Hosted by 100% Digital Leeds

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