Positive Changes – Virtual “How To” Guides!

Hosted by 100% Digital/Royal Mencap

Matt from Royal Mencap has been working with a ‘Positive Changes’ group of volunteers with learning disabilities who discuss how they can make life better for people in Leeds. The group are working with Matt to coproduce videos which teach people different skills and show them activities which can help them to stay healthy and happy.

In this half hour session Nicky from the 100% Digital Leeds Team will have a discussion with Matt and some of the ‘Positive Changes’ Group members about the project. We will also show some of the amazing videos that the group have made already!

If you are a person with learning disabilities who would like to learn more about the project- or if you work with or support people with learning disabilities and would like to utilise this fantastic resource then this will be a really informative and interactive session for you!

There will be an opportunity at the end to ask questions and to give your own feedback on the project.



Nicky Lines is a Digital Inclusion Coordinator with a focus on supporting organisations who work with people with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism.  She is part of the 100% Digital team but is employed by the arts charity Pyramid.  She has over ten years of experience working with people with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism and is passionate about empowering people to live creative, independent, and fulfilling lives.

Matthew Bellborough is a community partner for the charity Royal Mencap and has a great deal of experience supporting people with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism to use digital technologies to increase their independence and improve their own lives.  In his current role he is working with a Positive Changes group of people with Learning Disabilities and/ or Autism to coproduce some amazing video resources which will help people to learn new skills and live happier/healthier lives.

Diversity and Inclusion
Positive Changes – Virtual “How To” Guides!
28th Sep 2022 12:00pm - 12:30pm
Hosted by 100% Digital/Royal Mencap

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