Our Regional Shared Care Record – Putting Patients at the Centre of Care

Hosted by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Hear from the Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Yorkshire Humber Care Record teams about the work taking place to link information systems and support real-time access of health and care information across Leeds and the wider region.

This work allows patients to be more actively involved in their own health and wellbeing and represents a significant step forward for both patient safety and informed decision making.

This session is an opportunity to share lessons learned around regional digital transformation and ask questions. It will benefit anyone involved in regional health IT or electronic health record development, with an interest in connecting systems and driving
forward digital transformation.

Speaker details:

Clare Green

Clare is Transformation Programme Manager at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust. Clare leads the work of the Implementation team at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, ensuring electronic health record related products and services are implemented effectively across the Trust, city and region as a whole.

Ian Clucas

Ian is the Deputy Chief Information Officer at Interweave, the team behind the Yorkshire & Humber Shared Care Record. With a background of product development in health and social care, Ian is currently leading a team of NHS digital professionals building Shared Care Records, and associated solutions, within a partner-owned model consisting of six Integrated Care Boards.


Rochelle Featherstone

Rochelle is a Graduate Business Change Manager working for the West Yorkshire ICB. Rochelle is part of the Digital team working on the Graduates into Health Scheme and is currently assisting with the implementation of the Yorkshire and Humber Care Record across West Yorkshire.



Healthtech & Medtech
Our Regional Shared Care Record – Putting Patients at the Centre of Care
27th Sep 2023 11:00am - 12:00pm
Hosted by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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