Leeds Digital Festival: Innovation and Invention Guided Walk

Hosted by Page White Farrer

A one hour adventure through Leeds’ tech history.

We will:

  • look at Louis Le Prince and the invention of the first moving image for mankind on Leeds Bridge.
  • stand on top of the Data Super Highway Junction to Europe by Salem Chapel, what are those AQL blue phone boxes for?
  • discover the history of Sovereign Square. Leeds was the first city to have electric tramways powered by overhead wires in Britain from 1891.
  • tour the Round Foundry, set up by Mathew Murray and James Watt. The World’s first commercial steam locomotive was built here for the Middleton Railway, the oldest railway in the World.
  • Explore Tower Works set up by Colonel Thomas Harding, manufactured Gilpins for wool spinning. Generating incredible wealth, he was able to invest in major Civic projects like City Square and Leeds Art Gallery.
  • look at the fabulous Temple Mills by John Marshall. One of the wonders of Leeds, inspired by ancient Egypt. Once the largest room on Earth! Location of the first elevator, designed for sheep to reach the roof! Soon to be the British Library.

We will finish up at the Cross Keys pub in Holbeck (where the Leeds Digital Festival, in its current form, was founded in 2016) for a well-earned drink. Please join us!

Speakers Include:

  • Clifford Stead
Innovation, Social & Networking, Startups
Leeds Digital Festival: Innovation and Invention Guided Walk
21st Sep 2023 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Hosted by Page White Farrer
Meet at Platform, New Station Street, Leeds, LS1 4JB

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