Is Gen-Z Shaping the Creative Industry?

Hosted by Hatch

Gen-Z are courageously creative but are they driving our creative industry? Our industry is constantly evolving, but– there’s always a “but” – is it evolving enough for Gen Z?

Spend an hour with our studio team, specialists in graphic design, branding and animation, to understand how our creative output is being driven at pace by those of the Gen Z era.


In this session we’ll cover:

Insight: Who are Gen-Z? The influences Gen-Z have had to shape them as a generation and what they want from the creative world.

Trends: What they are and why we love them or hate them and how all watchers, replicators & creators are implicated by the “reel world”.

Content: How this affects our output within studio and does it remain creatively effective?


Speaking at this event will be some of our team:

Lauren Evans, Junior Graphic Designer – Lauren is the newest member of the Hatch team, joining as Junior Graphic Designer. She has 3 years industry experience within the creative field and brings a new perspective to projects. Lauren is passionate about idea and content generation.

Harry Griffiths, Graphic Designer – Harry is one of the designers at Hatch and has over 6 years of experience creating design solutions, brands that resonate with audiences and combining technical know-how with top creative. He believes in exploring ideas, revealing new ways of thinking and communicating complexity with precision and impact.

Whether you are a Gen-Zer yourself or a creative individual wondering the same thing, join our morning session (we’ll have pastries) and let’s talk.

Business Support Services & E-Commerce, Marketing & PR, UI/UX/Design
Is Gen-Z Shaping the Creative Industry?
22nd Sep 2022 10:30am - 11:30am
Hosted by Hatch
Hatch, Magellan House, Armouries Way, LS10 1JE

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