How Digital Technology is Helping to Transform Complex Training Needs

Hosted by Netex Learning

Digital learning can be a bit of a minefield to get your head around. It’s so much more advanced than online quizzes and tick boxes, it’s immersive, engaging and interactive. But, going beyond basic e-learning authoring tools can be daunting if you don’t understand what is out there.

In the fast-paced environment we now find ourselves in, where businesses in Leeds are leading the way and rapidly expanding into the tech sector, the importance of supporting staff through this transition, with reskilling and upskilling is paramount. To help drive this growth further, businesses need the agility to react to new and more demanding complex training needs, and digital technology can help.

In this session we will help you identify how to address these new complex training needs through the various digital learning technologies available and when best to use them. Then to help bring these to life, we’ll show some case study examples on how virtual and augmented reality, and other tools, can help to accelerate your training programmes past basic mandatory requirements.

Finally, we will highlight some of the challenges these technologies can help to address and the ways in which companies who adopt these digital learning technologies are elevating their training programmes and proving their commitment to investing in their staffs’ development.

Learning has, and will continue to change, along with the technology that supports it. This session will help anyone involved in staff learning and development to consider a new approach to their strategy and planning.

So, if you work in Learning & Development, HR or a Compliance role then this session will really appeal to you. Learners expect more these days. They want on demand, accessible and engaging content that is not dull! They don’t want to have to sit through pages of boring text that doesn’t inspire them or motivate them to want to learn more and improve. So come and find out how to excite them through learning.

Delivered by Sarah Baker – Managing Director, Training Solutions and Lucy Lewis – Head of Customer Success, both who have worked in the L&D sector for the majority of their careers and have seen how technology has changed the landscape of the whole industry.


Sarah Baker – Managing Director, Training Solutions

Sarah leads the Training Solutions team at Virtual College by Netex, offering ready-to-go content and digital solutions to the UK, global businesses and the public sector. With over 15 years of L&D experience, designing and implementing training solutions – both bespoke and off-the-shelf for a wide variety of clients, she is passionate about human centred learning design – putting the learner first – and this is central to her learning philosophy.

Lucy Lewis – Head of Customer Success

With 16 years’ experience working with learning technology to deliver digital learning experiences and skills development programmes within the education sector, Lucy now heads up the Customer Success team at Netex Learning. She is passionate about the power technology has to disrupt, engage and connect, with experience of building bespoke digital solutions that have a real impact on individuals and businesses.

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How Digital Technology is Helping to Transform Complex Training Needs
27th Sep 2023 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Hosted by Netex Learning

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