Female Tech Founder

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#FemaleTechFounder is a safe environment to share and learn from female founders, investors and women in business. Men most welcome too!

Are you fascinated by turning ideas into tech products?

Do you enjoy hearing startup founders tell their stories?

Teaching yourself to code? Want to change the world through tech?

Then this free online event is for you!

Join us at 12 noon on Wednesday 22 September at the next #FemaleTechFounder event as a panel of female tech founders and co-founders join forces to tell their stories, celebrate successes and share what they’re looking forward to next.

Please note: This event is not just for women!

Everyone interested in tech, startups and everything that goes into creating products users love is invited!

It kicks off with a Q&A panel discussion on the important topic of optimising cashflow and getting paid with Nicola Weedall, founder, Hydr. Hydr helps small businesses manage their cashflow with fully digital onboarding, funding decisions in real time, transparent terms and fixed fees and is partnered with global small business platform Xero.

After the opening Q&A comes a lightning talk by the amazing Becky Baker, founder, K9 Nation and an audience Q&A panel with all speakers at the end. We will also fit in a healthy amount of networking so come ready to mingle!

The event should finish around 1:30pm.

Speakers confirmed so far:

Nicola Weedall (@nic_mills1984), Founder, Hydr

Becky Baker (@BeckyBaker02), founder, K9 Nation

Coding & Software Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Investing and Fundraising
Female Tech Founder
22nd Sep 2021
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Hosted by Assenty

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