Diverse by Design: Celebrating Neurodiversity in our Tech & Teams

Hosted by Glean

Have you seen the recent EqualTech report?

The headline is that neuro-inclusive teams produce the most competitive tech.

It’s not surprising. The best tech and the best teams are those that are diverse by design.

Join Glean’s panel as we bring together neurodiverse voices from across the Leeds’ Tech community to explore how we can champion and harness the power of neurodiversity.

We’ll dig into:

  • How neurodiversity provides a different perspective on Tech
  • Being our most effective in an inclusive workspace
  • Designing technology that has accessibility baked into its UX


Will Fieldsend

With a neurodiverse perspective shaped by his dyslexia diagnosis, Will is experienced in leading diverse tech teams and building an accessible and inclusive workspace. As Head of IT and Information Security at Glean, and a father to a 4 year old non-verbal autistic son who uses an iPad to communicate, he is committed to inclusion, understanding different needs, and designing technology that works for everyone.


Sarah Hardy

As Brand Manager at Glean, Sarah applies what she perceives as her ADHD strengths to drive brand growth: creativity, rapid problem-solving, big picture thinking, and a constant desire to learn. Her 15+ years experience of working in digital marketing has given her a deep appreciation for inclusive work cultures where neurodiversity is truly valued.


Alex Craven

A philosophy graduate, Alex has been running digital and tech businesses since 1999 and is the Co-Founder of The Data City. Alex has a diagnosis of ADHD and seeks to normalise the conversation around neurodiversity to build better understanding and support for neurodiverse people in the workplace and beyond.

Careers & Education, Diversity and Inclusion
Diverse by Design: Celebrating Neurodiversity in our Tech & Teams
28th Sep 2023 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Hosted by Glean
Glean, Department, 4 The Boulevard, Leeds Dock, LS10 1PZ

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