Digital Inclusion Supporting Older People: Transport Connections

Hosted by 100% Digital Leeds

100% Digital Leeds partnered with Leeds Older People’s Forum in Leeds to develop an Older People’s Digital Inclusion Network. This is a network of over 40 organisations across the city sharing best practice, working in partnership and collaborating on the best, inclusive approaches to support Older People with digital inclusion.

In the success of this network 100% Digital Leeds and Leeds Older People’s Forum have recently received funding to support a new Transport Connections project. This project will focus on how utilising Bus and Taxi apps can best support older people to access transport in the city, combatting social isolation, increasing access to health services and social settings.

This webinar within Leeds Digital Festival is an opportunity to find out more about the project, hear from organisations who are supporting older people with digital inclusion in the city, and the plans for increasing access for older people in using transport apps. We will hear from speakers from 100% Digital Leeds (the Leeds City Council team leading digital inclusion for the city), Leeds Older People’s Forum and Third Sector Organisations supporting Older People in Leeds.

Community & Society, Diversity and Inclusion
Digital Inclusion Supporting Older People: Transport Connections
22nd Sep 2022
10:00am - 11:00am
Hosted by 100% Digital Leeds

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