Digital Day in the life of an Egg

Hosted by Morrisons

Are you ready to be eggcited? Learn about the digital journey of a Morrisons Egg and how our cutting edge ‘teggnology’ gets it from farm to feature.

Morrisons not only develops technology to support our retail and online sales, but is involved in all aspects of getting its products through manufacturing and supply chain to our customers.

This session showcases how many different types of technology supports that end to end supply chain for Eggs. From robotics, data science, AI driven forecasting and ordering to mobile applications and online platforms.

It all starts at the farm, where we are working with a local Yorkshire farm to source planet friendly eggs and the entire process is Carbon Neutral.

Then onto the eggcellent robotics that feature in our Chippendales site.

Let us help you unscramble some of the complexities behind the data science we use for our AI forecasting and ordering.

Hop onto one of our iconic green morrisons lorries and see how we track which eggs are destined for which store, and the systems used to maintain availability.

Finally, we’ll walk you through all the systems used in store and by our customers to complete the journey.

Join us for a cracking time learning how Morrisons technology facilitates the journey of one of our highest selling products ‘The egg’ from a sustainable farm to your fork.



Sophie Throup – Head of Agriculture, Fisheries and Sustainable Sourcing, Morrisons

Sophie joined Morrisons in November 2017, following 10 years in the veterinary sector running research and training programmes. She is a non-exec director for AFS (Red Tractor), a steering committee member for the Food Industry Initiative on Antimicrobials and part of Defra’s Animal Health and Welfare Pathway sub-group on legislation. She also was a driving force in setting up the School of Sustainable Food and Farming at Harper Adams University, to help set research, training and innovative support for current and future farmers on the path to net zero and sustainable farming.


Helen Tudor – Technology Programme Manager, Morrisons

Helen Tudor is a Technology Programme Manager, who has over 20 years experience delivering Tech projects and programmes across the Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities and Aerospace industries.  Helen has been with Morrisons for close to 4 years and currently leads the customer facing workstream of Morrison’s Strategic Supply Chain Programme.  Prior to this, Helen worked as a Programme Manager for Rolls Royce.


Peter Laflin – Data Scientist Leader, Morrisons

Peter Laflin is a Data Scientist Leader and innovator, who has over 20 years experience of working with global brands on their use of data and analytics.  Peter currently leads the Data Science function at Morrisons, having set up the function from scratch in 2019.  Prior to this, he worked as a Data Science consultant, specialising in the use of graph theory and network analytics to solve business problems in Marketing and Social Media Analytics.  Peter continues to collaborate with leading Universities researching new ways to connect maths and technology to drive profitable business change.


Mikos Taylor – Head of Technology – Delivery, Morrisons

Mikos Taylor is a Technology Leader having worked exclusively within the retail industry focused mainly around fashion or groceries over the past 19 years, delivering and driving large scale business transformation having led global ERP rollouts and multi country eCommerce implementations. Having joined Morrisons just 12 months ago as the Head of Technology, has brought together a number of key programmes across Data, Buying, Merchandising, Supply Chain, Customer facing and our legacy systems decommissioning delivering into our overall Strategic Supply Chain Programme. Mikos’ focus is ensuring we deliver the right technology and business process solutions that drive Morrisons towards the strategic future vision.


Chris Thompson – Senior Technology Manager – Manufacturing & Logistics, Morrisons

Chris Thompson is a Senior Technology Delivery Manager with 17 years experience building and delivering technology solutions in Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply chain. Chris started with Morrisons in 2005 as a developer and has gone on to hold various roles throughout his time with the business including leading the delivery of large scale ERP implementation’s, rollout of warehouse management systems and digitisation and automation of manufacturing operations. Chris currently heads up the delivery of all Manufacturing and Logistics technology transformation projects.

AI & Machine Learning, Coding & Software Development
Digital Day in the life of an Egg
21st Sep 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm
Hosted by Morrisons

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