Digital Bites (and Beer)

Hosted by connective3

We’re proud to say that we work with some of the UK’s biggest brands, from ComparetheMarket, to Wren Kitchens and thortful, we deliver digital marketing strategies that help our clients to dominate in their markets – but how do we do it?

Simple – we have some pretty awesome people working for us. Day in day out our team deliver strategies which drive these leading strategies for our clients, and we’ve gathered some of them here today to share some of their top tips and tricks with you.


Event Content:

As much as we’d have loved to get all 60 of the team on stage, we felt that may be overkill, so we’ve reached out to the team and brought together a group of speakers to offer talks on a broad spread of topics across PPC, Digital PR, Paid Social, Content Marketing, CRO and more.


The Talks:


Digital Marketing Strategy:


Smart Strategy: Maximise your digital performance by connecting internal teams – Andy Moody, Client Director


Content Strategy:


Accessible content: Why it matters, and how to write it – Hannah Brady, Senior Content Writer


Social Media


Influencers: The Undervalued Digital Marketing Tool – Kenny Metham, Digital PR Executive


Digital PR


How to encourage confidence and resilence in your team – Rosa Mitchell, Head of Digital PR




Paid Social:


Supercharging Facebook performance with creative – Andreea Bondor, Senior Paid Media Manager




Driving actionable CRO through bespoke audience insights – Rachel Harrison, CRO and UX Manager


Data and Analytics:


Lost in data? How to report on the metrics that matter – George Watson, Analytics Lead




PPC Automation: How do I drive value from Google Ads – Will Levitt, Head of PPC


Event Format:

8 talks of 8 minutes, followed by some drinks at the bar provided by c3, have a few beers on us and get to know our team.


Why Attend:

If you’re a digital marketer looking for quick tips and hacks to help you improve your day to day output then this is the event for you. Actionable insights only so you can walk away from the event with ideas ready to take and implement the next day.


And who are we?

We are connective3. We’re a digital performance agency who launched back in October 2019, some of you may have been to our events pre-covid, but a lot has changed since our launch. We’ve grown from 7 staff to 60 since we founded, with the majority of that growth coming throughout the various lockdowns. Our clients include the likes of Wren Kitchens, ComparetheMarket and thortful, and we have offices in Leeds, Manchester and London.

Find out more about who we are and what we’ve been up to at

Marketing & PR, Social & Networking
Digital Bites (and Beer)
23rd Sep 2021 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Hosted by connective3
First Floor, Banyan, City Square, Leeds

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