Developing Digital Health Hubs in Leeds

Hosted by 100% Digital Leeds (Leeds City Council)

Launching the city-wide rollout of a community-based approach to support digital inclusion for improved health participation.

100% Digital Leeds has partnered with Local Care Partnerships in Leeds to develop a community-based approach to support digital inclusion for improved health participation, with ‘Digital Health Hubs’ at the heart of the model. After two years of development, testing, and evaluation, the model is ready to be rolled-out across the city in an ambitious 24 month plan. This will be done in a staged approach starting in October and supported by Health Inequalities funding.

This lunchtime webinar is an opportunity to find out more about the community-based model, the successes of Digital Health Hubs to date, and the plans for city-wide implementation, including how partners from across all sectors can get involved. We will hear from speakers from 100% Digital Leeds (the Leeds City Council team leading digital inclusion for the city), the Local Care Partnership Development team, and Digital Health Hub delivery partners.

The 100% Digital Leeds community-based model is a framework for the co-design of custom digital health inclusion interventions based on community need and assets. ‘Community’ could be a geographical community or community of interest. As such the model can be applied in any community so is scalable for areas of any size, geography and demographics. The 100% Digital Leeds team are using the model to work closely with, and strengthen partnerships between, local healthcare providers and public and third sector organisations. Together, they are identifying and removing barriers to delivery and inclusion in digitised health and care services with the goal of reducing health inequalities. The model directly supports people to have greater motivation, access, skills, and knowledge to better self-manage their conditions, reducing appointments and hospital admissions.

Digital Health Hubs are organisations well established within the local community, with safe spaces and trusted people on hand to help residents overcome the barriers to digital inclusion and make the most of digital to access health services and manage their conditions. They are places where service users can learn how to access relevant information and self-management tools to improve their health and wellbeing. The model involves closer cooperation between health and care services and organisations working with specific demographics with poorer health outcomes. The support Digital Health Hubs offer is holistic and responsive to people’s interests as well as their needs. It ties digital inclusion and health literacy together to support improved health and wellbeing as well as supporting people to have the skills, confidence, motivation, and connectivity to do more with digital.

Community & Society, Diversity and Inclusion, Healthtech & Medtech
Developing Digital Health Hubs in Leeds
21st Sep 2022 12:30pm - 1:00pm
Hosted by 100% Digital Leeds (Leeds City Council)

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