Designing Digital Hospitals

Hosted by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Designing Digital Hospitals

Building the Leeds Way is a programme which will deliver a new Children’s hospital, a new adult hospital and a single-site maternity and neo-natal centre in a new state-of-the-art building on the Leeds General Infirmary site.

It will also build a new Centre for Laboratory Medicine, an innovative regional pathology facility for all West Yorkshire Trusts, and create an Innovation Village to house science and healthtech businesses in the heart of Leeds.

This presentation, from the Hospitals of the Future project Team, will explore the Trust’s digital ambitions for the new hospital, including how we work with architects, designers, tech bodies and the Government’s New hospital Programme, to design SMART digitally enabled hospitals, which will:

  • Deliver improvements to patient care and patient experience, while creating a healthier and more efficient environment for staff
  • Link clinical estate and facilities management together – to optimise operational efficiencies and contribute towards the Trust’s sustainability goals
  • The presentation will explore how Digital Design can ensure we create hospitals which are not just fit for now – utilising current leading-edge medical and facilities management technologies – but are adaptable for the integration of future innovations and care models.

SMART technologies will help the buildings monitor and manage their environments. This could mean, for example, that lifts are waiting at the floors most occupied, or from which they are most requested. It could ensure temperature management systems and air conditioning are only operating in appropriate areas. These types of measures contribute to the Trust’s sustainability goals while creating a simpler environment for patients and more efficient spaces for staff.

There will be the opportunity for a Q&A session following the presentation.

We look forward to having you attend the event!


Laura Harrop – Assistant Project Manager

Assistant Project Manager with experience delivering complex digital and integration projects in both Health and Social care
settings. Currently delivering the Digital and Innovation work-stream as part of the Leeds Hospitals of the Future project and supporting Sustainability & Net-Zero Carbon work streams along with the design for several clinical and non-clinical services.

Jonny Sylvester Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager with a decade of experience delivering healthcare projects including Digital and Sustainability projects
within Acute Hospital and corporate NHS settings. Currently leading the Digital and Sustainability & Net-Zero Carbon work-streams along with the design for several clinical and non-clinical services as part of the Leeds Hospitals of the Future project.’

Healthtech & Medtech, Sustainability & Net Zero, UI/UX/Design
Designing Digital Hospitals
19th Sep 2023 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Hosted by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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