Cloud 9 – Cloud Security

Hosted by Mozstro

Let’s talk about all things cloud security…

From the common pitfalls when implementing cloud security and how to overcome them to the nitty gritty of how to implement declarative RBAC.

At the end of the talks, there will be time for a Q&A and a general chat about all things cloud security.

We will be providing free pizza! Drinks will be available for purchase from the Brew Society bar.


Talk 1: Common pitfalls with cloud security

With cloud services, there’s so much configuration available. We will show you how to avoid common pitfalls with cloud security so you can deploy your cloud applications with confidence.

Elliot Morris

Elliot is the founder of Mozstro. He has a strong background in delivering highly secure cloud-native applications. He has a passion for enabling companies to improve their businesses with the power of cloud technology.

Talk 2: Declarative role based access with OSO

How we are using OSO and a declarative permissions model to serve both backend and frontend RBAC needs.

Ben Ramsden

Ben is a principle engineer at Jugo; he tech leads our virtual productions squad. Outside work he has a passion for cars and hiking.

Talk 3: Automate EVERYTHING with Ansible.

How to use Ansible to automate EVERYTHING and prevent typical security configuration errors.

Tony Ampomah

Tony is the Development & DevOps Lead @ Radius. He provides infrastructure guidance and best practices for highly scalable and fault-tolerant solutions. In his spare time, he enjoys all forms of music and plays the guitar. He has enthusiasm for a wide range of sports (football, basketball, pool, and table tennis).

Talk 4: Cloud Metadata Attacks: How to detect this Rising Threat and it’s sneaky evasion tactics

I will be talking around cloud metadata attacks in AWS and how if IMDSV1 is used, this can give attackers an in to grab credentials for an full account takeover. I will be discussing big publicly known incidents where this attack has happened in the past, detection methods using various log sources such as AWS CloudTrail, AWS WAF and Cloudwatch logs and sneaky evasion tactics that attackers may use including VPC endpoints & URL shorteners.

Philip Giles

Senior Cyber Threat Hunter with a passion for Cloud Security. A huge fan of detecting and hunting for threats in an AWS sandbox environment but not a fan of the huge bill which comes with it at the end of the month.


General discussion on subjects related to the topic.

Please enter via Brew Society – the entrance to the event space is at the back of Brew Society pub.
This event is also going to be streamed live on youtube. The link for this will be emailed out on the day.

Coding & Software Development, Cyber Security
Cloud 9 – Cloud Security
27th Sep 2022 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Hosted by Mozstro
First Floor, Aireside House 24 Aire Street Leeds, LS1 4HT (Entry via Brew Society Pub) and Online

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