Closing the Gender Investment Gap in Leeds

Hosted by The Data City

Did you know, only 5% of funding rounds in Leeds go to female-led businesses and start-ups? And when it comes to equity, the percentage is even lower, with female-led companies only gaining 1% of the total value of investment in the region.

But as the number of female-led ventures continue to rise and with research showing that gender diverse executive teams are more likely to have above-average profitability, why is investment in female-led businesses so low in 2023?

In collaboration with The Data City and Panintelligence, this special Leeds Digital Festival event aims to delve into the root causes of this investment disparity and discuss how we can drive real change with the use of data and analytics.

Join an expert panel including Zandra Moore (CEO & Co-founder, Panintelligence), Alex Craven (CEO & Co-founder, The Data City) and more, as we discuss the actionable steps needed to bridge the gender investment gap and create a more inclusive and prosperous landscape for female entrepreneurs.

Full panel details to be confirmed.

About Panintelligence

Panintelligence is a Leeds-based software company specialising in business intelligence (BI) and data analytics solutions. They provide a platform that allows businesses to gather, analyse and visualise data from various sources, enabling data-driven decision-making and insights.

About The Data City

The Data City is a Leeds-based UK Data Services SME that has developed a SaaS platform through which it has established the new standard in industrial classification, particularly focusing on the emerging economy. Working with government and private organisations, the platform allows policymakers, economists, investors and analysts among others to understand the economy and markets in real-time.

Data, Diversity and Inclusion, Investing and Fundraising
Closing the Gender Investment Gap in Leeds
21st Sep 2023 10:00am - 11:00am
Hosted by The Data City

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