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22nd Sep 2021 12:15pm - 1:15pm Hosted by Redvespa

Welcome to the Business Solutions workshop.  This workshop is aimed at people who are involved in activities related to changing an organisation.


We often see Project Managers, Business Analysts, Change Managers, Directors and Product Owners amongst our participants.  Even if you’re not one of these, by the end of the workshop you will have gained insights and ideas on how to resolve a set of specific business challenges that relate to you and your organisation.

As this is an interactive workshop we will put 2 to 3 business challenges to the group and facilitate, through online white-boarding tools, your insights and experiences.  Everyone is invited to participate and consider how we might resolve the business problems put in front of you.  The problems will be selected and posted the week before the event so you know what to expect (no prep required) along with some examples of previous problems, including; “handling the elephant in the room”, “dealing with ambiguity” and “increasing employee engagement in meetings”.

At the end of the sessions the event coordinators (and any other volunteers) will find the thread between all of your insights to tell an insightful story back to the community. The story will empower us all to navigate the challenges we faced together in our everyday businesses.


22nd Sep 2021 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Hosted by Redvespa

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