A People-First Approach: Why Web Accessibility Matters

Hosted by madeby.studio

Are you a business owner looking to make your website inclusive to everyone, but not sure where you’re going wrong?

Are you a web designer trying to get your head around understanding the WCAG 2.1 minefield?

Are you a marketing agency worried that the overlap between accessibility and SEO is going to have an impact on a client’s Google ranking?

You’re in luck, we’re here to help!

A common misconception is that website accessibility is only for “people with disabilities”. In fact, web accessibility enriches everyone’s web experience regardless of their ability.

In this webinar, we’ll be covering the ins and outs of digital accessibility and sharing our insights, tips and tricks vital for designing inclusive websites.


Webinar Overview:

  • Discover what web accessibility is and why it affects every user


  • Explore the benefits of making your website accessible for not only the users but your business as well


  • Find out what WCAG 2.1 means and practical steps towards meeting these accessibility guidelines


  • Learn all about the most common web accessibility issues and how you can avoid these in the future


  • Kickstart your journey to becoming more inclusive and take the next step towards designing for accessibility

Tune in and join us on Monday 18th September!

Session Time: 45 Minutes

The event will be hosted on Zoom via a link we’ll email to you the day before we go live (17th September).

This will contain a Zoom link and password to gain access to the webinar.


Who are the speakers?

You’ll be joined by Matt and Sam, the Co-Founders and Directors of madeby.studio.

Matt, former graphic designer and self-taught software developer, has dedicated his career to building design systems and development frameworks for people-centric organisations. When he’s not wild camping in the Peaks or WFC (Working From Cornwall) as a digital nomad, most days building digital solutions that address vital business and human needs.

Sam, brand strategist with over 11 years of experience in digital design, has helped clients in MedTech and GreenTech spaces develop impactful online experiences that drive growth in the digital landscape. When he’s not being madeby.studio’s resident DJ or attending 5 different networking events each week, Sam is committed to scaling brands and designing digital solutions that empower people.

Coding & Software Development, Diversity and Inclusion, UI/UX/Design
A People-First Approach: Why Web Accessibility Matters
18th Sep 2023 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Hosted by madeby.studio

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