VCode® at Leeds Digital Festival

In an exciting addition to this year’s festival, we are delighted to announce a partnership with technology company VST Enterprises who have developed an award winning patented solution in code scanning technology, VCode®.

VCode® will be used at the festival to amplify attendee’s experiences and to deliver further information on the different events and organisations involved.

What is VCode®?

VCode® is a visual scannable symbol that can be scanned via the free VCode® app to deliver content tailored to the user who has made the scan and the time and location the scan took place. A VCode® can be scanned from up to 6 times the distance of QR Codes and at 160 degree angles, ensuring users can access content and/or make a speedy, secure purchase at ease.

Within the VCode® app, a user retains a full history of all previously scanned VCodes and associated content, ensuring they can re-engage over time at their leisure.

Try it out for free by downloading the VCode® app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and scan the below VCode to interact.


VCode® Uses at Leeds Digital Festival

Event Brochure

VCodes will be used within the event brochure, offering attendees the opportunity to further interact with the content as well as accessing a mobile of the festival schedule.


VCodes will be used at certain events at the festival, offering attendees the opportunity to get more information on the specific events and the organisers involved.