VST Enterprises

Company Overview

560VST Enterprises (VSTE) is the company behind VCode® and VPlatform™ technology. Headquartered in Manchester, the company has international offices in New York, Reno, Hong Kong, Armenia, New Delhi and South Africa.

VSTE was founded in 2012 by Manchester businessman LJ Davis. The company has received multiple awards in recent years such as Harvey Nash Tech Start-up of the Year and KPMG Best British Mobile Start-up. CEO LJ was recently awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and Chairman’s Rising Star at the Made in Manchester awards.

Technology Overview

VCode® represents the next generation of code scanning technology – an evolutionary step forward from traditional barcodes and QR Codes. A VCode® can be scanned from up to 6 times the distance of other barcodes (60:1 distance to size scan ratio), at 160 degree angles, on and from moving objects, and upon any multimedia or television screen via the VCode app. 30% of a VCode® can be damaged and still scan.

VCodes are created on a collision-free system, with 2.2 quintillion variations ensuring a virtually unlimited supply forever!

Supplementing the VCode® app is VPlatform™ – a secure, cloud-based online portal that allows users to create VCodes and manage the content they lead to. VPlatform™ enables users to place permissions around the VCodes they create - ensuring that only specified individuals, at set locations and times can access content behind their VCodes.

VPlatform™ also enables users to view real-time analytics behind every scan of their VCodes – with location, time and user ID behind every VCode® scan tracked. Users can then reach back to individuals who have scanned their VCodes over time with relevant updates and rewards.

VCode® can be applied across a range of sectors, with multiple potential use cases.


“I know VSTE prides itself on its ‘infinite possibilities’ – and it is exactly that sort of optimism this country needs to power its economy. The internet is already part of our everyday lives, but we haven’t even scratched the surface of its potential. Manchester’s exciting tech industry is already sparking new ideas and new businesses and VSTE will be able to spread the word.”

Theresa May – British Prime Minister

“VST Enterprises is one of the most innovative businesses that I have come across, and Louis is one of the most creative entrepreneurs that I have ever met.”

Anthony Wood – CEO Dewhirst Group

"The versatility and range of the VCode® makes for near seamless user experience. This unlocks a wide variety of industry use cases; from physical retail and logistical tracking to content and product verification, the possibilities are limitless."

Patrick Imbach - Director/Head of High Growth Technology, KPMG

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