Ewe Agency

Who are ewe?

We’re a friendly bunch here at ewe, where we combine strategic thinking, creativity and good-old-fashioned hard work to give our clients innovative solutions across an ever-changing multi-channel environment.

Ewe is an established independent communications agency, we specialise in delivering effective and creative campaigns across digital and social platforms. Our mission is to make our clients famous and successful, and we do this through challenging, and stretching the boundaries to maximise potential results.

Founded 25 years ago, ewe has come a long way in its offering of digital expertise and know how, working alongside a plethora of clients such as Aviva, Fujifilm, Yorkshire Cancer Research to target and engage with their audiences using strategic, targeted digital campaigns.

Overjoyed to be supporting Leeds Digital Festival for our first time!

This is a great opportunity for us to promote the breadth and depth of quality found within the growing digital landscape in Leeds, and as a team we’re incredibly proud to be part of the 2018 Leeds Digital Festival.

As we continue to expand our team, we recognise the valuable work which is done by Leeds Digital Festival, and we aim to become an integral part of these foundations moving forward.

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