8 Outdoor


8 Outdoor is a new brand in the premium Digital Out of Home market. We launched our business in September 2015 with a vision to create a challenger brand, changing the belief that premium OOH is beyond the reach of most advertising budgets.
Our unique proposition offers brands cost effective reach, both locally and across the UK on premium large format sites.

One of our core business pillars is flexibility. We pride ourselves on having no rigid start dates or campaign durations and encourage brands to plan their campaigns around their audiences and their business. Our locally placed experts nationwide specialise in supporting local businesses and helping them plan, execute and achieve local or nationwide fame in a cost effective way, using digital Out of Home advertising.

8 Outdoor are currently live at a variety of locations across Leeds itself. In fact, our first ever installation was the screen on the Pinnacle building, so Leeds holds a special place in our history and our hearts and we look forward to supporting local businesses flourish and grow through use of our premium digital network.