Revealing our April events programme!

  • 30.03.2022

Ahead of the main Leeds Digital Festival this...

Ahead of the main Leeds Digital Festival this September, our “mini-fest” returns 25 – 27 April.  

Join us this April for three days of sustainable tech content, where we’ll spotlight how the tech sector in Leeds City Region is driving sustainability, and innovating for a better tomorrow.

From green innovation to tackling climate disinformation online, the April Festival will showcase how some of the city’s brightest tech minds are using technology to support the sustainability agenda, for the benefit of people and the planet. The programme will feature events from the likes of techUK, Crisp, Hark, The Data City, Walker Morris, Infinity Works and more.

Check out some of our programme highlights below, and view the full lineup over on our Events page!

techUK presents: SME’s, Sustainability & Social Value

UK tech SMEs offer significant opportunities to support the transition to net-zero, and provide substantial social benefits to local economies.

Join techUK and dxw to hear how SMEs in Leeds & West Yorkshire are delivering environmental and social benefits in the region, and the challenges and opportunities of creating sustainable and social value outcomes.

Crisp Presents: Climate Disinformation: Separating Fact from Falsehoods

It took a global pandemic to open our eyes to how easily disinformation can threaten public health at scale.

Now, certain actor groups are using similar tactics to convince the public that no action is needed to combat climate change.

Join Crisp to consider the mis and disinformation lessons learned from Covid-19 and how they apply to the current climate conversation.

Walker Morris Presents: Blockchain & Sustainability. Friends or Foes?

The power required to run the global Bitcoin network is estimated at 7.5 gigawatts per year.

That’s the same amount of power required to run 825,000,000 individual LEDs.

Join Walker Morris as they ask “is Blockchain sustainable?”, dispel some of the myths surrounding the tech, and hear from businesses that have gone one step further by integrating Blockchain into their sustainability-centric businesses.

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