Do you want to sponsor an event?

4th April 2017

We’re very lucky to be working with some generous sponsors without whom the festival would just not be possible. They have enabled us to build a brand new website, print programmes and posters, and pay for social media promotion. This means we’ve been able to build a bigger and better festival and get the message out far and wide.

However there are also a number of sponsorship opportunities available for individual events. Please have a look at the list below and get in touch with the event organisers if you want further details.

WISE Campaign are looking for a sponsor for their ‘People like me’ workshop on Thursday 27th which will encourage schoolgirls to consider careers in tech.

Digital Schoolhouse are looking for either a free venue to host their play-based learning event, or sponsorship to hire a venue, on Sunday 23rd.

Lead it: Tech and Entrepreneurship are hosting a two day (29th and 30th) event to encourage women to set up their own tech businesses, with workshops in branding, coding, blogging, public speaking and many more. They’re looking for sponsors to help them produce t-shirts and posters.

Duke Studios are holding a Digital Special version of their Friday Residency on Friday 28th and are flying Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist Giorgia Angiuli to Leeds.

The Open Data Institute is running a number of events at its Munro House location and there are sponsorship opportunities for some of them, including Wednesday’s Training Day, Friday’s Open House, Friday evening’s Algorave (one of last year’s most successful events) and the Saturday Live Coding workshop.


Bodylingual are still looking for sponsors and partners to get involved with their 7 Day Active Lifestyle Digital Challenge, where participants can experience their holistic approach and see how technology can be used as part of an active lifestyle. Please contact Yanko Varela at or find out more on their facebook page.


Cherry Bee Associates are looking for sponsors for their two events, please contact Emma Walker if interested,

1. For older people wanting to learn to use their devices better. I have quite a demand already and wanted to deliver this in Chapeltown somewhere.
2. For small businesses to learn and build their social media. Again, I want to deliver this in LS7 and LS12 (New Wortley).