1st December 2020

Top tips for hosting

Our amazing event hosts have proved that nothing can get in the way of a great digital event. Here are some top tips from our autumn festival hosts on running a successful virtual event 🤩💻

“The main thing that we found worked was user interaction. Creating Q&A sessions with polls created that engagement which broke up the presentation.”

“Spend time spreading the word ahead of time and engage attendees to contribute early in the session.”

“For online, making sure that you have done a rehearsal with the team on the event so that you can make sure everything runs smoothly, including a tech test. It’s a vital part to making sure the event runs without hiccups and is usually underrated.”

“I would recommend to avoid using a very long presentation, few slides is what you need for an online event as people can lose concentration more than for a physical event! Use the Q&A format to make the event as interactive as possible.”