THE LATEST Pt. 3 – Because 160 events are not enough

23rd April 2018

The team behind the screens here at Leeds Digital Festival bringing you BRAND NEW events for the second week of #leedsdigi18 – our biggest yet!

With over 30 events sold-out, from The Practicalities of GDPR and User Testing and Agile, to festival favourite She Does Hey! and The Art of Tinkering, it’s proving to be a corker of a year, outshone only by the brief stint of summer last week.

Proving yet again that the tech community never sleeps, 10 new events have been submitted to schedule over the past week, because quite frankly, 160 events are simply not enough. 😉

Check out the latest below:

  1. Greening ICT: How do we green the technology of the future? – A Green Drinks Leeds event

Our connected technologies are demanding ever-more use of servers – from streaming data to cloud storage and mobile apps, data centres alone are thought demand up to 6% of the world’s energy, and as we collect and store more data for digital health products, communication and Primary Care, questions on how we address the carbon footprint of IT are a pretty big deal to say the least.

Here to discuss the environment and efficiency are the team from Green Drinks: Alexis Percival, Environment Manager within the NHS, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and latterly on Secondment to NHS Digital; Anzir Boodoo, who works with low cost digital technologies, is a Leeds Repair Café fixer and member of Leeds Hackspace; and more!



Tech Edge, a conference bringing speakers from top-name companies including the BBC, FT, Amazon and AutoTrader to Leeds’ favourite spacious venue, Aspire, is kicking off at bright and early at 9am on Tuesday morning. Can’t make the whole event? Only have a free lunch hour to spare? You’re in luck! The whole conference will be broadcast live to the public on the Big Screen in Millennium Square this coming Tuesday. So grab your sandwich and take a seat under the sun to hear from some of the top names in tech free of charge.

Speakers include: Ian Massingham, lead for global Technical and Developer Evangelism at Amazon Web Services; Anne Currie, Chief Strategist at Container Solutions; Neil Hall, Head of Product for BBC Sport.



3. How to Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media: A Step-by-Step Guide

Social media and personal branding takes time, dedication, consistency – and most of us hate it. And as social media trends change faster than fashion, even more of us don’t have a clue if we’re doing it right.

Enter Frederica Raffo.

Federica Raffo has a decade-long passion for everything social media and digital. She has experienced the power of Instagram growing her travel page to 10k, and now she’s ready to use share her knowledge of social media to help you build your personal brand online.

Missed her event? Have a chat with Federica at the University of Leeds Fair: Tackling the Digital Skills Gap on the Leeds University Business School stand.



4. Northern Power Women Podcast Recording

In case you haven’t heard of Northern Power Women,  it’s a campaign to accelerate gender equality in the North, focusing on transforming the culture of organisations to increase opportunities for women and showcasing role models and best practice for organisations – which all help to drive and leading economic growth.

Each month the team will bring you a no-holds-barred discussion on the biggest issues that affect our careers and lives. You’ll hear from individuals at the top of their game on the challenges they faced and the mistakes they made along the way and get the chance to get some refreshingly frank career advice in this lively panel discussion hosted by Radio5Live presenter, Sam Walker.



5. Culture meets Digital : Digital meets Culture

Whether digital is helping or hindering culture is a constant conundrum to anyone invested in the arts. If you’re intrigued in the discussion and eager to engage in the art world, the Culture Consortium Leeds, a newly-formed cultural partnership seeking to develop and promote Leeds as a city with an inspiring and internationally-appealing offering, is here to lead Leeds into the realm of cultural innovation.

Come along to hear from an array of forward-thinking cultural organisations: East Street Arts, Harewood House, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds College of Music, Leeds Museums & Galleries, Northern Ballet, Opera North, Phoenix Dance, Royal Armouries, The Tetley, University of Leeds, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Yorkshire Dance and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


6. Health & Fitness Hangout/Pro-Active Lifestyles ft. The 7Day Challenge

Remember how much fun we all had back when we were kids and tirelessly tumbled about with our friends? If you’ve found yourself complaining about spending so much time sitting down in front of a screen recently you’d probably be joining about 97% of all human beings, but you’d probably also benefit from getting involved in the 7Day Challenge by Body Lingual.

Kick-start your return to a healthy mind and body and challenge yourself with a friendly team and supportive group of fellow desk-potatoes at this hangout to develop a healthy dose of critical thinking that will help you reap the benefits of living an active lifestyle that efficiently mixes fitness, fun and purpose to benefit you in more ways than simply “burning calories”, “feeling the burn” or achieving that elusive “6 pack”.

Can’t make the whole challenge? Come along to Tuesday’s session at 6 – 9pm at the Oxygen Freejumping Park to bounce your way back to health.



7. How to Write for Social Media with Google Digital Garage

If you’ve missed our other events for social media aficionados, join Google Digital Garage and Global Digital Week to learn how to create content with confidence across key social platforms and how to define your brand and tone of voice.

We get it. Finding the right words to describe your business isn’t easy, and it’s even harder when you have limited space or characters! This compact course is great for small business owners or aspiring social media marketers looking to develop their writing skills and produce some slick headlines and copy.

Bonus: You’ll also develop a tone of voice that means when you talk on social media, your customers will actually want to listen.


8. Social Media Strategy with Google Digital Garage

Now you’ve learned how to avoid sounding like a stuck record on social, take the next step to success and build your social media strategy with advice from the experts at Google. Discover exactly what a small business needs to be seen and heard on the web in this short course designed for aspiring social media marketers. In just an hour, you’ll get a rundown of the best social media platforms to use in 2018, plus your trainer will explain how to create a social media strategy that delivers the right goals for your business.


9. Demystifying Digital Transformation

Join CEO and Founder Cyber-Duck, Danny Bluestone, to learn what digital transformation actually is (which, according to them, isn’t as complicated as you might think – but we’ll let them explain!). Discover the whys and hows of user experience and lean principles which impact transformation projects. Go along for demystified digital and have a beer on them!


10. Cyber-Duck’s UX Masterclass

It’s so good they’re back for more! For Cyber-Duck’s second event at #leedsdigi18, join ‘Dr Evil’ (otherwise known as Matt Gibson, Chief Production Officer of Cyber-Duck’s reputed talk, Evil UX) to discover how designers can satisfy – and even delight! – their users, coming up with the best designs to solve their challenges. In this session, Matt, a.k.a Dr Evil, will explore how you can get your organisation thinking in a more user-centred way about your customers or users, by approaching UX like a super villain.

Also joining the discussion is experienced UX designer Cristina Viganò and Cyber-Duck CEO and Founder Danny Bluestone.

With great insights on offer from a leading London digital agency (and free beer), this evening’s UX event at Manahatta is one you simply cannot miss.


And there you have it – another 10 events at #leedsdigi18 that you can get your tech teeth stuck into!

See you there, digifesters 😉