Leeds Digital Festival Hits The Streets!

13th April 2017

Less than two weeks till the start of Leeds Digital Festival 2017 and we thought we’d make sure everyone in Leeds knew about it.

If you haven’t spotted them already our posters are popping up on drums, streets and buildings all across Leeds. Futurelabs Tech Co-Working space thought they were that good they even decided to frame one!

And if posters weren’t enough then how about 10,000 (That’s right, ten thousand) printed programmes hitting bars, cafes, offices and venues throughout the city. Big thanks to JigTalk for letting us borrow the Jigmobile for the rounds yesterday. Give us a shout if you want any or just pop by Futurelabs, we’ve still got plenty to give out.


We couldn’t let go of our digital nature completely though and we’ve teamed up with 8 Outdoor and CreativeRace to bring some digital adverts to big screens around Leeds. There’s going to be much more to come but as a sneak preview here’s a little of what to expect, a monster is coming…