6th August 2020

In Conversation With… William Try, Managing Consultant at DMW Group

William Try, Managing Consultant at Executive Festival Sponsors DMW Group, spoke to us about the exciting growth happening in Leeds and the importance of digital transformation for responding to change.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role within The DMW Group.

I’m William Try, Managing Consultant in business transformation and business architecture for The DMW Group. I’m also Head of our Leeds office, helping us build our team in Leeds and supporting our clients to successfully transform their organisations using our key expertise in cloud, data and digital transformation.


Why did DMW decide to get involved with Leeds Digital Festival?

We saw the energy and quality of the talks at the festival last year and wanted to share a little about our organisation and our experiences with like-minded individuals. Given that we opened our Leeds office last year, it seemed like a logical next step to collaborate with some of the inspirational and insightful colleagues that we saw at the festival’s events last year.


What do you enjoy most about being based here in Leeds?

It really feels as though the city, and the area, is on the cusp of something very exciting. A number of larger organisations have recently opened or expanded their operations in Leeds and the growth of smaller organisations is supported by a really energetic ecosystem of talent and events. Taken together, it really feels as though there is a great deal of opportunity and a real zeal to get big things achieved here in Leeds.


How important is digital transformation for helping companies to get through these uncertain times?

The last six months have brought this into sharp focus – organisations have needed to be nimble in responding in almost every sector. By having a digital capability and mindset, it’s much easier to focus on the right things that will make a difference and get results. We’ve worked with organisations to implement change quickly and those that had already invested in digital were able to move more quickly and offer their products and services directly to customers in different ways. It’s also been great that the festival itself was able to become virtual at such short notice, to maintain community spirit and share ideas at what has been a very challenging and uncertain time. It’s great to be a part of LDF!