29th July 2020

In Conversation With… Charlotte Knowles, Managing Director of TPP

Charlotte Knowles, Managing Director of Premier Festival Sponsors TPP, talks to us about her favourite things about living in Leeds and the ways that they have used health technology to adapt in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your organisation.

TPP is a healthcare technology company, based in Leeds. Our philosophy is to improve access to clinical data and empower patients to take part in their own care. We hold over 40 million patients records, across 7,000+ organisations. Originally from Tyneside, I came to Leeds to study Mathematics. I started at TPP in 2001 as a software developer. My role now, as Managing Director, means I am responsible for the day to day running of the company. The nice thing about working for such a dynamic SME is that you get a huge variety of projects to work on. In the last year alone, I’ve worked on AI to help clinicians diagnosis cancer, I’ve helped develop public health surveillance systems and I’ve visited countries all over the world.

Why did TPP decide to get involved with Leeds Digital Festival?

Leeds Digital Festival is a fantastic event, so it was a really easy decision for us to get involved. Tech really moves fast when you bring together the brightest and best. I think Leeds Digital Festival will attract even more talented people to the city and maintain our image as the leading city for digital industries in the North of England. For our company, we hire people from all over the world, so it’s great that the Festival will help with that. There is so much going on at the Festival; it will create a real buzz in Leeds.

What do you enjoy most about being based here in Leeds?

I’ve lived in Leeds over half my life now and I absolutely love it. It has the perfect combination of city and country life – we have fantastic restaurants, theatres and nightlife in the centre and then we are surrounded by the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Our new recruits love that balance; they quickly put down roots and make the decision to buy rather than rent. My clubbing days are long gone – I’m more of a windy walk on the moor, followed by a glass of wine in the pub kind of person now.

How has TPP adapted in response to the evolving challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented?

The combination of TPP’s technical architecture and the relationship we have with our amazing customers means that we have been able to react very quickly to the COVID-19 situation. I’ll give just a few examples of the work we’ve done. TPP has supported countless clinicians to work remotely. Releasing our new patient app, Airmid was a huge milestone for us. We are also very proud of the work we’ve done to support research, including the OpenSAFELY project. It’s been a real privilege to see how the work we have done has benefited staff working on the frontline.