4th August 2020

In Conversation With… Andrew Campbell, UK Delivery Lead and Company Director at BJSS

Andrew Campbell, UK delivery lead and company director at Executive Festival Sponsors BJSS, spoke to us about the importance of bringing the tech community together and their approach to guiding clients through the uncertainty of Covid-19.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role within BJSS.

I’m Andrew Campbell, a thirteen-year veteran of BJSS, where I am the lead for UK delivery and company Director.

Why did BJSS decide to get involved with Leeds Digital Festival?  

Leeds Digital Festival is the only event that brings all of the city’s digital companies – from scrappy startups to multinationals – together. We love the breadth and collaborative nature that the Festival promotes, and we feel that we have a great deal to contribute to the Leeds ecosystem. So we have  been enthusiastic supporters of the Festival for some time now, and it was an easy decision for us to support it once again as Executive Sponsor.

What do you enjoy most about being based here in Leeds? 

We are one of Leeds’ biggest technology employers, and we recently reaffirmed our commitment to the city by investing in a new head office located at Whitehall Quay. Not only is this a really modern and collaborative space for our people to deliver great work to their clients, but we’ve also dedicated space and technology to host the various events and community meetups that we’re renowned for. These meetups have proven to be really popular over the last few years and we find them to be a great way to promote the Leeds tech space and to share ideas, skills and new ways of doing things.

What has the BJSS approach been to successfully guiding their clients through this time of crisis?

Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill. Borders were shut, flights were grounded, entire countries faced lock-down. It affected all businesses. So from the outset of the pandemic, we defined and guided our clients through three phases of change – Recover, Regroup and Renew.

From a BJSS perspective, it meant that we were able to – in a matter of days and without any loss of productivity – transition all of our 1,500 people into an efficient and distributed workforce that continues to deliver outstanding work for our clients.

Our clients have always had unique needs and we have always taken a bespoke approach when delivering to them. During the worst of the crisis, it remained central to our company and our culture – BJSS would remain as open as it has ever been – and we would help guide our clients to achieve the same.

Our job is to help our clients deliver their technology goals, and with our vast experience in data and cloud security, we have been able to guide them through the three phases of change so that they achieved secure, effective and robust ways of transitioning through the crisis.