26th April 2021

How safe is your tech? Find out with Crisp at #LeedsDigi21

Premier sponsors Crisp return to Leeds Digital Festival this April to present The Rise of Safety Tech. The event will explore the emergence of safety technologies, the incredible growth the industry has already seen, and the difficult task ahead; detecting online harms, identifying bad actors and creating a safer online environment for users.

Alongside Crisp’s CEO and Founder, Adam Hildreth, the panel of regional tech leaders, CEO’s and Government representatives will establish what the greatest threats to our online safety are, how to stave them off, and consider what the future of safety tech might look like.

Graham Francis of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) is first to take the stage: DCMS is the dedicated Government department responsible for culture and sport in England as well as some aspects of the UK media and the building of a digital economy. As Senior Policy Lead for Online Safety Technology & Innovation, Graham’s role involves developing safety tech products that empower both companies and end users to detect online harms.

Ian Stevenson, CEO of Cyan Forensics joins him: Cyan Forensics’ primary objective is to build new technologies that help law enforcement, social media and cloud companies to detect and block harmful content related to Child Sexual Exploitation and Terrorism. Their technology provides a “game-changing” solution to the use of online search engines as access points to illicit content, and allows police to find evidence of child abuse or terrorist activity on suspect’s computers in just minutes, replacing processes that take weeks or months in a forensics lab.

Robin Tombs, CEO and Founder of Yoti is the third panel guest: Yoti is a digital identity system that helps people prove their identity both online and face to face by allowing individuals to store and encrypt personal details on their devices, and since Robin founded the company in 2014 its user base has grown to over 10 million app users globally.

Also joining the panel is Hannah Mercer, Founder of DragonflyAI – a predictive analytics platform that utilises cutting edge neuroscience to help creative, marketing and insights teams improve the effectiveness of content and experiences across any channel.

And rounding off the list of speakers is Dr Anna Vartapetiance, CEO, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Securium. Securium is an advanced Cyber-Intelligence company spun out from the University of Surrey that develops software and services to protect businesses and individuals. Securium’s primary objective is to develop innovative products and services – largely sophisticated content and conversational analysis providing high-value intelligence – that protect vulnerable people from unsavoury activities online, such as child sexual grooming, radicalisation, and romance fraud.

Join Crisp and their panel of safety tech experts at #LeedsDigi21 to discover the threats to your online safety, and how you can tackle them.

Tickets still available, secure yours HERE.

Wednesday 28th April, 9AM – 10AM