26th April 2018






Originally from Athens, Irini Folerou is a mixed-media artist with both a BA in Industrial Product Design and an MA in Fine Art from world-renowned Central St Martins. Although based in London for the past six years, Folerou has been featured in exhibitions across both London and Athens.


Preferring to experiment with different mediums like photo, video or sculptures, the artist currently focuses on creating audio and visual installations, alongside working as a freelance photographer for galleries, art spaces and cultural events.

It was this passion for photography that inspired Folerou’s adventure into art, describing how the camera lens beckons travel and self-exploration.

‘Art gives you the freedom to redefine your perspective – it’s like it can expand both time and space and provide you with a safe shelter to built and be developed in,” explains Folerou.


As we learned from fellow CuratorSpace artists, Sid and Jim: inspiration can come from everywhere. Folerou, however, is captivated by subjects that challenge her personally, and social norms that affect social groups or our society in general. While she is inspired by everyday occurrences, Folerou also doesn’t shy away deep introspection, with philosophical and existential concerns, exploring ‘notions of memory, nostalgia, safety, captivity and isolation’in collections of sleek photographs.


Covering such personal experiences, it’s perhaps no surprise that when asked her preferred superpower, Folerou chose invisibility.

‘As a visual artist I always have an inherent curiosity about the private and the possibilities of the hidden’, says Folerou. ‘Through invisibility you can witness people in their real context.’


While Folerou often begins a new project with a fully-formed idea in her head, the artist understands her own process enough to leave room for unexpected interpretations to arise, allowing herself the artistic freedom to deviate from the original concept.

It was through this organic approach that her work “Revealing” was born, and can be viewed at CuratorSpace’s Digital Art Exhibition at Platform, which developed from her previous work, “Transition”. The works explore the relationship between presence and the environment, sense and perception. More specifically, the mental and bodily experience of space during the process of one’s adjustment in new conditions.

In ‘Revealing’, the blinds of a window furl and unfurl alluringly, revealing a disembodied arm. The blinds in this way are ‘transforming’ the hand and create a symbolic second skin. According to Forelou, the arm is a metaphor for our presence, and the illusion of layers formed by the window blind illustrate the effect of the environment on our bodily experience.


As Forelou bounds between work and creative activity, we’re sure we’ll be seeing much more of her work!

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‘Revealing’, Irini Folerou