1st May 2018

Hondartza Fraga exhibits “Irresistible Distance” during Curatorspace’s Digital Art Exhibition as part of Leeds Digital Festival. She works mainly with drawing, photography, animation and video.

Currently, she is studying a practise-led PhD at School of Design at the University of Leeds funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council through an award from the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities (WRoCAH).

Through her work Fraga explores our relationship with landscape and the different “distances” between ourselves and everything else – temporal, emotional and cultural.

‘I’m fascinated by extreme environments from deep sea to deep space, I explore our individual and collective relationship with these type of landscapes,’ Fraga explains.


Fraga’s work ‘Irresistible Distance’, 2017, is an animation of a found image of a star field. The camera zooms in until the construction of the image is revealed and the illusion of traveling across space is broken.

Her research explores the relationship between art and astronomical places only accessible via scientific visualisations. The catalyst for this CASSINI mission to Saturn, in particular the relationship between the raw data or images and their processed versions.


Fraga’s work has been shown across the UK, including London, Liverpool and Sheffield, as well as internationally – in Spain, Norway and Italy. As a native to Spain, Hondartza’s work is represented by Espacio Alexandra in Santander.

If you want to see more of her work you can visit her in her studio at Patricks Studios (East Street Arts) in Leeds or check out her website here