DIGITAL ARTIST OF THE DAY: Evgeniya Martirosyan

27th April 2018


“I am hoping that my artwork creates a moment of curiosity and opens up an opportunity for reflection.”

‘Between Something and Nothing’ by Evgeniya Martirosyan, Cork, February 2018 / Phot. Jed Niezgoda _

‘Between Something and Nothing’ by Evgeniya Martirosyan, Cork, February 2018 / Phot. Jed Niezgoda _

‘Chaos Game’ still

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Evgeniya Martirosyan was born and raised in the city of Samara, formerly part of the USSR. It was here that she pursued higher education, obtaining a degree in Philosophy from a local college. It was only later that Martirosyan decided to pursue a creative career, uprooting her home and stable job in Samara to attend Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork, Ireland.  Describing the move, an understandably painful decision at the time, Martirosyan expresses how very fortunate she felt to receive local support in the form of residencies and exhibition awards that have ultimately helped her get where she is today.


“I decided to make that leap and explore my need for creativity”


Despite being at an early stage with her artistic career, this has certainly not held Martirosyan back in her achievements. From exhibitions in the TACTIC Gallery in Cork to the “Brainchild” group exhibition with 126 Gallery in collaboration with Western Carolina University in the USA, her work has been extremely well-received abroad, winning numerous awards, including from the Cork Film Centre and TACTIC Gallery.

Although loosely based on her interests in science and philosophy, Martirosyan explains there is no fixed meaning behind her work, instead relishing the open and fluid process of creating her work.


While Martirosyan works primarily with sculptures and installations, she is disciplined in developing her practice and experimenting with new ideas, exploring the concepts of time, matter, chaos and transformation. It was through this fluid process that her artwork “Chaos Game”, presented as part of the CuratorSpace Digital Art Exhibition during Leeds Digital Festival, came to life. The work, a spontaneous development of one of her previous artworks titled “Between Something and Nothing”, is presented as a black monochrome painting but is in fact a reinvented refrigeration system.

The ‘painting’ gradually grows an unpredictable pattern of frost while the refrigeration system is active. While observing the condensation and frost on the surface of the work, the idea came to her to record these transformations using time-lapse photography. By using the comparatively new mediums of video and sound, her artwork acquired new and unexpected possibilities.


Growing up in the USSR during a particularly turbulent time wasn’t easy for anyone and definitely left some marks. Martirosyan’s recurrent theme of the grid and her use of rigid industrial material in her art she attaches to her experience of growing up in the oppressive environment of the Soviet Union, which has caused her to ‘reflect on this state of being’.


Martirosyan  is currently engaged in the Artist-in-Studio Scheme in association with The National Sculpture Factory, which is designed to support local artists.

To discover more of Martirosyan’s work please visit the artist’s website here.