CuratorSpace Digital Art Exhibition Launches with Bruntwood Platform!

17th April 2018

When you think about art probably one of those beautiful Van Goghs or Monets pop up into you head. Maybe Henry Moore and his sculptures.

You probably won’t think about a bench that is trapped between 2D and 3D.

When you think about being an artist you might think about running from gallery to gallery presenting your artwork, running your feet bloody all day long.
Now, I’m not saying that will stop – but it might get a bit easier.
Let’s bring being an artist to another Level!

Louise Atkinson, an artist-curator, who began organising exhibitions as part of her creative practice, came up with the idea of CuratorSpace out of a “personal need”. Organizing exhibitions often means collecting lots of information about different artists and their work, which can sometimes make the task quite lengthy and cumbersome. So she invented CuratorSpace, a platform where organisations or curators can post open calls and collect submissions from artists for their creative projects. The platform saves not only money but also time and creates a lot of publicity because curators can share all the information about their opportunity easily on social media. CuratorSpace is also perfect for artists who are looking for an easier way to find opportunities to show and sell theiir work or find projects to get involved in.


Last night, 13 artists, including Rhian Cooke, Frank Abbott and Ravinder Surah, exhibited their digital video art at Platform. But CuratorSpace supports opportunities for artists working in all kinds of media, including painting, sculpture, performance, and more. Since 2014, the platform has grown to over 22,000 users. They have supported exhibitions in over 30 countries with even more are currently available on the site.

Artists from CuratorSpace were also part of Leeds Light Night. Remember that cool massive project on Millennium Square? Yep, that was one of them! For those who didn’t see it, trust me – it was pretty impressive! They have other cool projects planned, including opportunities for artists working in rural areas or ones which support artists who have disabilities.

Sounds like this is something for you? Check out their site!


In the next two weeks we’ll post a daily article featuring a new artist who is exhibiting at this year’s Leeds Digital Fest! Keep posted if you want know what superpowers they’d like to have!


It promises to get very interesting..

But all this wouldn’t have been possible without Bruntwood. Bruntwood is one of Leeds Digital Festival biggest sponsors. They made it possible for CuratorSpace, who is one of Bruntwood’s customers, to present some of their artists.
Bruntwood is settled in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and many more cities in the north, with the mission to ‘make City regions greater’, according to Wendy Denman, Community Engagement Manager at Platform.
Bruntwood not only provide a platform (see what I did there?) for artists, they also collaborate with art students. Tasha Willocks, an art student from Leeds Beckett University, doodling a dazzling array of chemical formulas covering the entirety of the mezzanine window, working in witty references to Game of Thrones, Cluedo, Star Wars or “simply” the galaxy. Did we mention she put pen to glass, with step-ladder in tow, without a single note to guide her?  


You can catch the Digital Art Exhibition on the 24-hour ‘digi wall’ inside Platform – but we highly recommend taking a trip upstairs to spot some spectacular illustrations.


Have a look inside and enjoy!

And check our News section for our daily artist posts to learn more.


By Festival Ambassador and digital art enthusiast, Milly Ziethen.