5 Reasons Why You Need to Host an Event at LDF2018

22nd January 2018

Another year has passed and 2018 stretches out before us with opportunities aplenty. While we all return to work after a festive hiatus and remind ourselves what it’s like to have a real job, the businesses among us finalise annual budgets, ready to launch into the year ahead. But that’s not say we couldn’t all do with some business motivation to get back out there into the world (despite the uninspiring January weather) and start planning some all-important downtime with our clients face-to-face this year.


1. Raise the roof (and your profile)

With over 6,000 SMEs based in the Leeds City Region alone, how will you ensure you’ll be first on the list when a potential client needs your services? Putting on a damn good event is a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. It’s a universally acknowledged truth that you could have the best idea or product or service in the world, but if no one knows you exist you’re dead in the water.

The importance of raising your profile in a competitive market cannot be stressed enough – hosting an event with Leeds Digital Festival will help you bring business your way.



2. Show-off your office space

Brexit has us all pretty concerned for a number of reasons, not least the mounting pressure to retain skilled and valuable workers. But with the lure of London just a couple of hours down the track, how will you entice skilled graduates to choose you? Hosting an event in your office is the perfect way to showcase your workspace to prospective employees. With work satisfaction and quality of life at the top of graduates’ priorities, it’s important to utilise your assets to win them over.

Have an office like Google? If you got it. Flaunt it.

(Looking at you, Engage Interactive…)



3. Ride on the shoulders of Giants

As the spotlight shines on Leeds as a number one business destination, and Leeds Digital Festival winning column space from the likes of Insider Media, Yorkshire Evening Post and Fintech Finance Magazine and more, being associated with Leeds Digital Festival is a great way to gain free publicity and get your brand the media attention it deserves.


4. Meet your next big idea

Did you know that the Leeds Institute of Data Analytics is using big data to unearth inequalities in the way men and women are treated for heart attacks? Or that the University of Leeds School of Computing working on augmenting human intelligence by developing computational models of people’s conceptual structures to make us better decision-makers?

Is that setting of sparks of million-dollar ideas in your head? Us too.

Getting involved in Leeds Digital Festival puts you on the map when it comes to collaboration. As part of the Leeds Digital Festival community, you’ll be thrown into the heart of the action in tech and digital. You’ll no doubt be inspired, and you’ll discover the industry players that can help you bring your business ideas to life. Who knows – you might even find your dream business partner.


5. It’s free.

A stingy student still lives in us all – we know the wonder that is free stuff. We don’t charge you to put on an event or get your name in the programme at Leeds Digital Festival – our support is free. The only thing you have to think about is the cost of your time, your choice of venue (we can even set you up with a free killer venue as well), and the cost of getting your branding printed on a chocolate bar (it has been done, and trust me, it went down well).


So what are you waiting for?


Make 2018 the year you step your business up a level.


Submit your event here.