Meeow partners with Leeds Digital Festival to “Carry on the Conversation”, online.

  • 16.08.2022

Meeow is over the bloody moon to announce...

Meeow is over the bloody moon to announce that we’ve agreed a partnership with Leeds Digital Festival to bring Meeow’s brand-new online meeting technology to the festival, this year.

LDF is world-famous for the breadth and depth of its events calendar and now, using Meeow, event organisers can continue to engage with the LDF community, online, tapping into a world of connections and making sure that the conversations carry on, throughout the festival and beyond.

As an event organiser, how do you make sure that you get the most bang for your buck when hosting an event at LDF? Well, watch this space. In the weeks before the festival, we’ll be in touch to explain how to expand your horizons and engage with your audience beyond the confines of your event to keep those conversations going. Meeow will give you the platform to carve out a niche and take your message to the whole LDF community through our trademark 4-person meetings, meaning you get the chance to really engage with customers who really get what it is you’re trying to say.

Plus, if you’re “just” an attendee, you get the chance to speak directly to other festival goers and engage much more intimately with those event hosts whose message really resonated with you. Want to know more about that amazing new product, find the Meeow that’s relevant and, bingo!, you’ll get access to that host for 45 minutes with up to 2 other like-minded folk. Ask your questions, get your answers and build those all-important relationships. Do your bit to “Carry on the Conversation”.  You can also create your own meeows and bring your own agenda to the party. Want to talk about your cool SEO product? Boom! Want to ask for help with .sql? We got you. 

Amazing, hey? It’s always exciting to have the feeling that you’re the first to do anything. This year, LDF attendees and organisers are breaking new ground, helping to launch Meeow’s new functionality as the festival opens and being there at the start of something great. 

So, how do we get involved, I hear you ask. It’s simple. If you’re an attendee, you can sign up any time before the festival and you’ll get a free Meeow membership that gives you an access all areas pass to on-demand networking and to the events being hosted on the platform. The sooner you sign up, the bigger the benefit. 

If you’re an event organiser, you can still sign up in the usual way but we’ll also be in touch to help you get the most out of Meeow and to explain how to add your event to The LDF Meeowniverse. 

We’re hoping you’ll all want to “Carry on the Conversation”, before, during and after the festival. We’re hoping that our wonderful LDF community knows the value of really great networking and that you’re all going to build the LDF Meeow space into something we can all be proud of in the months after the festival. We’re hoping that you’ll support LDF in being the first to see the huge potential of partnering with Meeow and we want to deliver so much value for you all. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the guide below, our handy walk-through video, or join us at one of our webinars to help you upload your Meeow, and sign up to start “Carrying on the Conversation” today.

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