Zero Trust Architecture – Legacy to Cloud

Hosted by ASDA

Perimeter defences guarding your network in this day and age aren’t as secure as you might think.

Hosts behind the firewall have some defences of their own but requires massive resources to be effective, so when a host in the “trusted” zone is breached, access to your companies data is not far behind. This is a small talk to introduce you to the concept of Zero Trust and walk you through some of the core principles.

About the host:

Hi, I’m Tim Whitaker. I currently work as Cyber Security Architect on the Future program, my background comes from financial services focusing on control testing and risk management. I moved to Asda to develop myself and join a team of passionate people. I’m a full time cat dad, enjoy walking and spend most my time with hands on security.

Cyber Security, Data
Zero Trust Architecture – Legacy to Cloud
21st Sep 2021
11:00am - 12:00pm
Hosted by ASDA

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