20th Sept - 1st Oct 2021
Business & E-Commerce, Diversity and Inclusion, Social & Networking

Research shows that more than two thirds of employees have experienced burnout symptoms across the last year, traditionally associated with low mood, depression and demotivation (Forbes 2020). At a time when employees are feeling pressure to remain productive whilst adjusting to hybrid working and dealing with constant uncertainty, Q5’s Workforce Resilience and Clarion’s Employer Responsibility Toolkit has never been more pertinent.

Most organisations have measures in place to support wellbeing, but do you understand your legal requirements and what more can be done to protect our workforces and proactively build their resilience? How do we creatively address longer term challenges, from operating in a distributed working model, to navigating a world which is increasingly uncertain?

Dr Claire Hamlin, Q5 Partner & Sarah Tahamtani, Head of Employment, Clarion Solicitors will share their frameworks and knowledge to help you to proactively support your team members and understand your legal requirements.

Your Legal and Organisational Change Toolkit for Employee Mental Health and Workforce Resilience
28th Sep 2021 9:00am
Hosted by Q5 Partners & Clarion Solicitors

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