Yorkshire Azure User Group

Hosted by AND Digital

Lee Byard,  Cloud Engineer AND Single Malt Enthusiast at AND Digital : ‘Storage migrations from on-prem to use Azure File Sync and touch on the challenges of AD integration with Azure File Shares’

In this session, Lee will cover:

– Migrating from on-premises windows File Shares to Azure File Storage with File Sync for local caching.

– How to set up a lab environment for testing / proof of concept

– Secure networking model

– How to seed / copy data to Azure

– Setting up Storage Sync Service and Cache Servers

– How to cut over

– Backups, Monitoring and Antivirus

– Active Directory integration considerations

Ethan Sumner, Principal Consultant (FinOps Lead) at Contino | Community – Young DevOps, Yorkshire DevOps, Yorkshire Azure User Group: ‘FinOps on Azure, how to get started’
In this talk, Ethan will be covering what is FinOps, how to get started and the impact of FinOps can have. In addition, he will also talk about FinOps on Azure, the basics and also a short demo of recently redeveloped cost management tooling.

Speakers Include:

Coding & Software Development, Community & Society, Other
Yorkshire Azure User Group
19th Sep 2023
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Hosted by AND Digital
Cloud Hawking, 3rd Floor, Cubo Leeds, 6 Wellington Place, Leeds LS1 4AP, UK

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