Women’s Journey in to Tech

Hosted by Aire Logic

This is an interactive session where women from Aire Logic will discuss their journeys into the tech industry to help inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to get into the tech industry. We are a diverse and inclusive organisation and it’ll be a great way to meet plenty of people that have a like-minded interest in tech. If you’re interested in learning about the different ways to get into tech, and the chance to have an open panel discussion and share different experiences, this is for you.

We have three speakers that will be discussing their journeys into tech with a panel discussion at the end.

Speakers will include:

Rita Arafa: Rita was a mature student and she is discussing her path.

Jo Wan: Jo has extensive tech experience and she’ll be discussing her journey and what she is up to at the minute.

Fran Ainsworth: Fran has studied IT and now works within the health tech world and recruits IT professionals.

This session is for:

  • Anyone looking to get into the tech industry

  • Interested in a tech role

  • Supporting women in tech movement

  • Looking to learn more about Aire Logic as a business

Careers & Education, Healthtech & Medtech, Social & Networking
Women’s Journey in to Tech
21st Sep 2022 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Hosted by Aire Logic
The Brew Society, LS1 4HT

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