Women in Tech – Where do they go? How do we create a talent pipeline?

Hosted by Art of Cloud

Things are changing…but not fast enough.

In an era of increasing gender equality, why is tech still lagging behind?

According to 2023 PWC research, only five per cent of senior leaders in UK tech are female.

In a wide-ranging panel discussion, we’ll take a closer look at these startling stats and suggest ways to address the issue, via a ‘talent pipeline’.

Our expert panel will consider ways to work with educators, recruiters, HR professionals and business owners to identify pain points for female employees.

Why aren’t more younger women considering careers in digital? Why and when do more experienced employees leave without reaching their full potential?

What practical steps can we take to address these questions – and how can successful female leaders help push for speedier change? What does a more balanced digital industry look like?

What you’ll take away?

A deep dive into the tech industry’s gender crisis, an insider view of how and why women are under-represented at senior level, expert opinions on enabling long-term, systematic change and the chance to share your views with our panel.


Art of Cloud CEO, Liz Rhodes 

Art of Cloud Executive Chairman, Ben Stevenson

(Additional guest TBC)

Speakers Include:

  • Claire Donnelly
  • Liz Rhodes
  • Ben Stevenson
  • TBC
Careers & Education, Diversity and Inclusion
Women in Tech – Where do they go? How do we create a talent pipeline?
20th Sep 2023 8:30am - 10:00am
Hosted by Art of Cloud
Inspire Room, Horizon Leeds, Kendall Street, Leeds LS10 1JR.

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