Whose Data is it Anyway?

Hosted by Fluxxt

Welcome to ‘Whose Data is it Anyway?’ where everything is data and who owns it doesn’t matter!


Wait, that’s not right, is it?


Join us for a panel discussion at Clarion Solicitors in Leeds on Friday 24th September from 10am ’til 12pm to explore the changes in customer perception of data, how this is used by companies, and how they should approach the mammoth change in attitudes that we’ve seen towards data in the past few years.

Do we trust companies to keep our data safe? How do we balance privacy and confidentiality with the potential benefits that dissemination and analysis of data can offer?

This event will be an excellent opportunity to network with other data professionals and to explore these questions by taking part in an open discussion relating to the shifting future of the data landscape.


Panel Members:

Omar Latif – Founder and CEO of Fluxxt

Julian Tait – CEO of Open Data

Florence Maxwell – Data Protection Expert at Clarion Solicitors

This event is part of Leeds Digital Festival 2021 and will be delivered by Team Fluxxt.

Places are limited – book now!



Cyber Security, Data
Whose Data is it Anyway?
24th Sep 2021 10:00am - 12:00pm
Hosted by Fluxxt
Clarion Solicitors Leeds

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