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Wednesday 1st May



Banyan Bar & Kitchen ,
The Old Post Office, 2 City Square ,
Leeds , LS1 2ES



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What does a brand with a digital personality look like? One that connects with people, and takes into account the possible platforms, technologies and touch points to which the brand will be exposed. What it does not look like is an 80-page PDF listing offline rules on how bus stop adverts or letterheads should appear, with only one page dedicated to web fonts and hex reference colours palettes.

Many traditional brands have either not considered how their brand may be applied in a digital landscape, or have only touched on them, merely outlining the basics. Their brand guidelines may not have considered the possible platforms, technologies and touch points to which the brand will be exposed. Digitisation is more agile, offering flexible graphical user interface elements, animation guidelines and minimum performance requirements.


It’s about striking the right balance between identity rules and usability.

We won’t suggest replacing traditional branding agencies or claim to create more iconic logos or straplines. Nor will we expect to identify the audience more effectively, or communicate with a correct tone and message. What we will suggest is that a digital agency is best placed to think continuously across the whole digital echo system.

With the senior creative team from Tall, we will present case studies and projects showing how to take a traditional brand into the digital arena. We will also shed light on why going ‘digital’ will prepare many brands for future marketing challenges.


Speakers – Guy Utley – Partner and Creative Director at Tall

Andrew Beckwith – Head of Design

Lee Thawley – Head of Brand – Sorted Group

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