What is the future of immersive tech and the metaverse?

Hosted by Sure Valley Ventures

Find out what the metaverse is and what it means for business! What could it do for you? And if it could it change your business, how, and if you will be left behind if you if you don’t jump on the metaverse train! Who is doing what in the Metaverse and why?

We don’t have all the answers, but we can read the trends and understand the changes which will impact on how you might buy, sell and interact with your users/ consumers.

Sure Valley Ventures host an evening of discussion and debate about the exciting immersive tech and metaverse clusters across Leeds City Region and explore with the regions thought leaders – what is the future of immersive tech and the metaverse? Through a range of punchy presentations followed by audience feedback and ending with some well-earned refreshments and networking.



Focus on Plaine Images

Discover the European hub of creative industries, Plaine Images, which brings together a community of 1800 people, companies, and incubates, innovative businesses, offering labs, and working with schools.

This site, with an incredible history, brings out a unique DNA. Located in the heart of a rapidly changing territory, it is developing every day and opening up to the international market.

Find out more about the Lille region and this incredible initiative which houses over140 companies spread over 40,000 sqm of offices and grouping no less than 12 business sectors.



Welcome – Mel Ellyard, Principal, Sure Valley Ventures

Introduction & jargon buster – Jay Gujral, Managing Director, Blockdojo

Spotlight on Lille – Emmanuel Delamarre, Director, Plaine Images

Spotlight on York – John & Melodie, Creative Producers, XR Stories

Spotlight on Diversity – Entrepreneur story, Bradley Khan, CEO, Trusic

Spotlight on Wakefield – Production Park

Spotlight on Scaling – Entrepreneur story

Spotlight on Disruptive Sector – Find out about the esport cluster

Latest Thought Leadership – Sure Valley Ventures thought leadership & highlights from the latest Praetura research


What to expect

This event is for you if you are interest creative/immersive tech or work in creative tech, immersive tech, gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence or Web 3 and/or related areas.

Enjoy an immersive experience, networking and your fill of food and drink.

In partnership with: Leeds City Council | Clarion

AI & Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Investing and Fundraising
What is the future of immersive tech and the metaverse?
27th Sep 2022 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Hosted by Sure Valley Ventures
Avenue HQ, 10-12 E Parade, Leeds LS1 2BH

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