Vanquis Ideathon

Hosted by Vanquis Bank

We are putting on an Ideathon to look at how Vanquis can use open banking to help young customers, students and new-to-UK customers access appropriate financial services and ultimately improve their lives.

One of the biggest challenges that banks face is offering the most appropriate financial product to potentially vulnerable customers. Traditionally this has been done through credit by the large credit bureaus such as Experian. As people’s patterns of work are changing, this process risks excluding a growing percentage of the UK workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this problem and nowhere is it more evident than for the gig workers who are classed as self-employed, often new to the UK and as such, often have thin credit files.


The challenge:

1. Explore the power of Open Banking API’s and data.

2. Identify solutions that enable Vanquis to better understand the challenges faced by those who have barriers to accessing credit.

3. Find ways for Vanquis to provide better and more appropriate financial products to these customers.

We will be running these sessions online so you will be required to have a laptop and Internet access.

We are looking to put together teams on the day with mixed abilities and skill sets which include but are not limited to;

Data – Data engineers, Data specialists SAS Python
Developer and Engineers .NET/Azure/C#
Product Owners
Project Managers
Open Banking specialists
Open Data specialists

Coding & Software Development, Data, Fintech
Vanquis Ideathon
29th Sep 2021
10:00am - 5:00pm
Hosted by Vanquis Bank

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